Pastoral Support

High-quality pastoral care is at the centre of our approach to education. We will treat you as an individual, seeking to develop and realise your potential.

Supporting you to achieve

From the outset, you’ll be given realistic but challenging learning targets covering both academic achievement and skills which make you more employable.

These targets will be based on your past performance and your future potential, reviewed regularly and shared with your parents/carers.

As soon as you join the UTC, you’ll be allocated a tutor who will help you to meet and – where possible – exceed your academic targets. They’ll also support you in developing the vital attitudes and behaviour that employers expect.

Your tutor will provide you with advice and guidance on all aspects of your UTC journey, support with your work placement and help when you’re considering your future progression and careers opportunities.  They will also act as the liaison with your parents/carers.

In addition, you’ll be part of a tutor group, made up of around 20 students.  

Personal, Social, & Health Education will be delivered in year groups 

Additional learning support

We aim to develop high aspirations, high motivation and high achievement for all students, irrespective of their start in life.  All our teachers will be trained and prepared to teach students with additional needs and those who are having difficulty meeting their targets.  Where appropriate, individual students will be offered tailored support as part of their learning programme.


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