Why Derby?

Derby is a city at the centre of the country which is home to many world leading brands.

As a city we know who we are, and are proud of where we have come from. We know where we want to be in the future and have a shared vision and plan of how we are going to achieve this. The development of a University Technical College focusing on manufacturing and Engineering is a key element of our plans.

We are a city of innovation and this has been recognised in a recent report from Centre for Cities which identified Derby as one of the 7 most innovative cities within the UK.

The innovation capacity of the city is enhanced by the presence of advanced manufacturing companies such as Rolls-Royce, Bombardier and Toyota alongside a growing network of supply chain SME’s. Our master plan for the city has evolved from effective partnership working and communication with key stakeholders within the city. 

Derby has been quoted as the number 1 city for investment into technology.

£1bn has been invested in city centre in the last 3 years and - £1bn is to be invested moving forward.

Our investment continues with a clear joined up strategy which plays to the city's strengths. Derby intends to be in the premier league for world class engineering for planes, trains and automobiles.

We are the UK’s number 1 high tech city with 12% of the population being employed within high tech jobs.  To maintain and enhance this position we need to ensure we are investing in our young people within the city. The Derby Manufacturing University Technical College will provide an outstanding educational experience as an option for all at age 14 or 16 focusing on enhancing opportunities for them to develop the technical skills and employability skills to enable them to thrive in the key local employment sectors.

To continue to develop Derby's economy and to ensure we prosper, we need to ensure that we are providing the correct workforce to meet the demands of our local employers which are expanding through the investments and developments being made by the City.  It is essential that we maximise the opportunities for people from within our own communities to effectively develop the skills that  will enable them to access the world class jobs that our Derby based engineering employers can offer them.

To do this we need to tackle the current challenges that exist in the city around education and skills. A key aim, for our city, is to improve educational attainment and our UTC will be key to helping this happen.

To meet these challenges our UTC will be innovative, dynamic and empowering working to ensure its own excellence as well as inspiring surrounding schools to further develop. Partnerships with our surrounding schools will be nurtured and developed to this end.

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